The First time I throught about
the Cricket Racket

I was watching some children play beach cricket using a wooden cricket bat and a tennis ball on the beach some years back and noticed the children would struggle with the weight of the bat and because of the weight the children would lean back with straight arms and swind the bat in a way they they could not hit the ball effectively and when they did hit the ball it was in the same way as you would a hockey ball which was along the ground.

I love the sport of cricket and I want children to play this game and enjoy it so I was thinking how can i make this easier for children to learn to bat correctly from a younger age so that they develop a love for the game of cricket based upon the use of a tennis ball or soft type ball so that they don’t get injured by the ball and so that when they do hit the ball they get a nice resulting hit so that they get the enjoyment from batting without the problems associated with a heavier bat.

The same day i also watch a gentleman walking his dog along the beach and using a tennis racquet to hit a tennis ball far enough for the dog to chase and return…and thats when the idea of the Cricket Racket first came to mind.

The idea behind the Cricket Racket is to provide a stringed racquet in the same size as a cricket bat but considerably lighter in weight which allows kids to learn proper batting techniques without the weight of the bat being a factor but also when striking a tennis ball the result is an increase in power over a traditional bat when hitting a ball.

The First Prototype I developed

Some of the key points I wanted in the Cricket Racket was that the strings be flush across the face rather than in the middle of the frame like a tennis racquet so that the face of the Cricket Racket is the same flat face like you would find on a cricket bat. This offered up challenges as to how to string the Cricket racket as a racquet stringing machine does not work in this way.

After developing a prototype made out of aluminium I modified a tennis racquet stringing machine so that the Cricket Racket could be strung and went to test my proof of concept.

The prototype hit the tennis ball exceptionally far and I knew right then that the idea would work and I started on the road to building the first versions as composites which would be considerably lighter than the aluminium version.

The Carbon Fibre Cricket Racket

The Carbon Fibre Cricket Racket is the first production version of the Cricket Racket and dues to the high quality composition i decided to target tennis ball cricket having discoivered that this sport existed and is extensively played throughout 150 countries worldwide which I did not know even existed when i started to develop this product. The highest quality composition was developed with a tennis racquet manufacturing company which produces the frames and their expertise ensured that the quality of the product was guaranteed….the carbon fibre Cricket Racket or Pro version is designed to target the tennis ball cricket player who wants to bat with an advantage over the bowler and other traditional cricket bat users….its almost an unfair advantage.

What are we doing next?

The original idea of the Cricket Racket was to get children into playing the sport of cricket and i think the best way of doing this is to make learning the sport easier and secondly making sure that the children are not injured while playing….this is the advantage that tennis ball cricket offers children and now we are developing the original concept which was targeted at children with a childrens version of the Cricket Racket which will be more cost effective to manufacture and will probably be sold as a kit with stumps and a ball for beach cricket….thats our next objective